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Our company MIREA - made-to-order dressmaking - was established in 1993.

In our beginnings we specialized in a dressmaking mainly from the materials brought by our customers. Besides the made-to-order dressmaking we also focused on a small-serial production of clothing and the piece-ups. In cooperation with an advertising agency we made various advertising articles (flags, sporting costumes, etc...) Gradually we gave up a small-serial production and we start to specialize on the made-to-order dressmaking of original models suited right to our customers.


As we came into the next century we found a new hobby known as - historical fencing - and our interests enlarged. And naturally, our domain too.

We found designing and tailoring of the historic costumes as interesting work and hobby in the same. Besides the making of the historic costumes we engage in the embroideries of the various coats-of-arms, flags and standards.

Of course, we produce today's fashion as well, so the range of the products just has grown up: the historical costumes ....    ...and   to the recent hits   of the fashion too...

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